NMI Activites

In addition to its educational mission, Nelson Mandela Institution has over the years partnered with various Diplomatic Missions, Corporate Bodies and Educational Institutions to project the visions of Nelson Mandela through various activities

Nelson Mandela followed three rules throughout his life, which he did at great personal sacrifice:

  1. Free yourself.
  2. Free others.
  3. Serve every day.

Mandela Day is a global call to action for citizens of the world to take up the challenge and follow in the formidable footsteps of Madiba, a man who transformed his life, served his country and freed his people. Its objective is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better and in so doing, to build a global movement for good.

The question we must ask ourselves is what we are doing to make the world a better place; what are we doing to make every day a Mandela Day?
Mandela Day is dynamic and ever-changing: it belongs to everyone and can take place anywhere, at any time.

In 2012, the maiden edition of the Nelson Mandela day was held in Abuja. The Nelson Mandela Institution (NMI), the South African High Commission, Silverbird Entertainment Cinemas, South African Airways and other Organizations came together to celebrate. Also, we were joined by Top Government Officials from South Africa to include the Former Minister of Transport.

The Mandela Day activities for 2014 was a four-day event which included a Novelty Match 12 between the members of staff of the South African High Commission and those of the Nelson Mandela Institution/African University of Science and Technology-Abuja which ended in a win for the NMI-AUST Team.

The screening of the movies ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ and ‘Winnie Mandela’ took place on the African Univerity of Science and Technology Campus


The screening of the movies ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ and ‘Winnie Mandela’ took place on the African University of Science and Technology Campus

The 67 minutes of community service was a visit to Mother Theresa Orphanage, Gwarinpa, visit to Government Secondary School Kuje to paint the School Dining Hall and provide dinner.

In 2015, given the prevailing issues on Terrorism and Insurgence, the Nelson Mandela Institution in collaboration with the South African High Commission and other partners focused the activities on the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps. Support Booths were donated by the Nelson Mandela Institution to two IDP Camps in the Federal capital territory.